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To that end, we cherry-picked over 50 open concept kitchen and living room floor plan photos to create a stunning collection of open concept design ideas. Photo Gallery. Related: Open vs. Closed Concept – What’s Best? Our gallery focuses on open-concept spaces that include a kitchen and living room. Most of these also have a dining room.. Open-plan living has become part of our everyday lives. From a home office within a living room to a kitchen-diner, these spaces should be well designed and able to utilise the best of the overall room in their function..

Open concept kitchen- living room is perfect for small apartments but it also looks gorgeous in big spaces when the kitchen is connected with the dining room and the living room. It gives to the space more elegant and sophisticated look. Visit Boss Design Center for detail info about kitchen’s facts.. Therefore, to gain inspiration for open plan layout, we have created a gallery of top 20 small open plan kitchen living room designs. Look at the gallery below and get inspired for your open plan kitchen! More ideas about open plan kitchen below. 1. Calm European Interior Design for Small Apartment in Moscow 2..

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Here we have a collection of 20 best open plan kitchen living room design ideas. Enjoy! Best Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Design Ideas. If you enjoyed this post then we highly recommend: 21 Best Living Room Decorating Ideas Top 25 Kitchen Trends For 2015. More from our site.. The design of this Mornington Peninsula beach cottage features a generous open-plan living area that naturally connects to the kitchen via a small set of stairs. Timber exposed ceiling beams accentuate the height of the space with a striking statement fireplace marking the beginning and end of the kitchen..

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best open plan kitchen living room design ideas - house
best open plan kitchen living room design ideas – house

We have selected ten different ideas on how to create a small Open plan Kitchen by combing the living room and kitchen together.. A home with multi-functional spaces such as the Open plan kitchen – living room combo is one of the best feature an apartment can have.Instead of having a kitchen that is isolated from the home’s social areas, open plan kitchens combined with dining and lounging …. Although this open-concept kitchen and dining area is in a loft — in a converted bag factory in Nashville — the principles designer Jason Arnold followed will work in any setting. He says: "The kitchen is opposite the living area, in a large, open space that automatically lends itself to entertaining and family living..