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Mixed Woods In Living Room

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When mixing wood tones each tone needs to be represented at least twicein the room. For example if you have knotty pine wood floors in your living room try adding a darker wood coffee table and accent chair but incorporate a large white oversized sofa to keep an airiness to the space.

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If a piece doesnt fit into these guidelines but just feels right then it probably is.

Mixed woods in living room. Mixing wood furniture with white can separate colors and create balance in a room. When you avoid the heavily varnished or shiny woods and stick to the raw whitewashed or graywash stains you can mix wood finishes more freely. Just like you would in a gallery wall avoid clustering all of the wood tones in one area.

For smaller rooms woods like white oak ash or maple may be the perfect way to lighten things up. If you run planks parallel to the rooms length it will give the appearance of being narrower. This outdoor living space included a roof top deck and a 2 story lower deck all made of Ipe decking and traditional custom designed railings.

We find that this brings the mix of oak mango wood stained pine and walnut all with warm undertones come together in a way that lends interest but also a sense of cohesion to the space. Paying attention to the undertones will help you avoid this problem even if the woods dont match exactly theyll still look good together if the undertones are the same. Our design build project added 700 sq feet to the home and 1050 sq feet to the outdoor living space.

When mixing wood furniturewhether the pieces have varying finishes or are simply made of different kinds of woodheed our tips for a cohesive look. Balance the wood tones around the room. Coordinating Fabrics Mix fabrics in the decor that mimic wood colors to further the design.

Position the dark and light woods around the room to correctly distribute the visual weight of the space. When pairing wood tones you could choose a piece as small as a bowl or a frame. Hang white artwork or display white accessories to break up the cool or warm wood tones in the room.

3- Most importantly have fun with it. In this living room for instance the light warm wood floors are complemented with a dark almost inky walnut chair and plenty of medium wood tones on the piano and ceiling beams. For example trying to mix a light wicker beach house chair in the same space as an imposing dark-stained Victorian hutch might pose a problem.

The original two-story 1963 sq foot home was built in 1912 with 4 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Yet be careful how you transition from a hallway to a bedroom for example. Better homes gardens.

If youre new to mixing wood finishes consider adding a piece with multiple tones one that contains most or all of the rooms wood finishes to tie the various finishes together visually. Ive noticed the following. Add a white rug to separate a dark log sofa from a dark log floor.

Sometimes the finish is the least of your problems when it comes to using different wood types or finishes in the same room. The issue is actually the architectural style of the piece itself. You can use more than two types of wood in the room but try not to overdo it three different wood tones is just about all a single room can handle without looking too busy and mismatched.

Doorways are the automatic divider when using different woods. Good options include zebrawood inlaid furniture burled finishes and high-contrast pieces with large flame-shaped cathedrals. Playing with contrast adds visual interest and gives a design more depth while repeating shades like the warm wood floors and matching accent chairs gives the space some continuity.

Layering rooms with each other as well as circulation galleries insures seclusion while allowing stunning downtown views. When considering the entirety of our living and dining room spaces all of the wood furniture pieces feature clean lines and finishes in the flatmatte family. Living Room Photos How to Mix Wood Finishes in Any Room Limit your mix to two or three wood tones in the beginning and try to balance them throughout the space for a harmonious look.

The owners goals of creating a home with a contemporary flow and finish while providing a warm setting for daily life was accomplished through mixing warm natural finishes such as stained wood with gray tones in concrete and local limestone. Less shellac means more freedom to layer varied woods with your architecture and furniture choices.

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